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Free Site Buttons.

If you would like me to make you a button for your site just e-mail me at psi_2@hotmail.com and it shall be done.
The 'items' you will need to include in your e-mail are as follows:
- A picture you want on the button (just one as it is very hard to squash more into such a small space and
_also due to file size limitations)
- What text you would like on the button
- The size of the button (standard button size is 88x31.)
- If you would like it animated or not

And thats all!

"Whats the catch?" your thinking...good news...there is none! Well...not really. All i ask of you in return is that you put a link to my site somewhere on your site. Only a small price to pay dont ya think.

NOTE: Due to too many stupid people e-mailing me without the full details of there button, to save myself time and energy i have decided that any button request that doesnt contain the full details for your button manufacture stated above, will result in that button request being ignored and deleted. Sorry but thats life.

Free DBZ Counter

For a free Dragonball Z counter like the one on my homepage just send me the following details.
-Your website address.
-Your website name.
-How many you want.
-And your email address.
All I ask in return is that you put a link somewhere on your page to my website.